face behind book surrounded by lights

Carrie and Me

No, not talking about the Steven King novel I just read, but throwing the mind back to December 2016. I know it was a while ago, but I find myself lately, especially these past few weeks, in a reflection of time passed.

My original review of the book

Now back in December 2016, you would have found me relaxing at my family bach, weeding the gardens, hanging out in the sun and shade, and doing the dishes gazing at the brilliant calming view. This particular year I was listening to the then-recent Carrie Fisher autobiography audiobook, The Princess Diarist, read by Carrie Fisher. Even now, thinking back, I remember it a strange -even surreal- feeling hearing about her death, right while she was alive and well in my ears. The worries, concerns, self-conscious murmurings that Carrie presents in her novel, permits her to relate so much to her audience, whilst also being at arms lengths as we realise she really did have a fantasy life.

The reading experience was enhanced and changed from start to end. I saw more depth in and behind her words, her mistreatments, her retaliations and beliefs. Her strong connection with her own mother over the years, even if at times it was strained, was so explicit in this book that it made so much sense that they would go together. Whether of a broken heart or of illness.

I know this post isn’t too marketing based, but it was on my ‘to-write’ list that I felt needed to be included. It’s a powerful book that retrospectively gives a great insight into the film industry around the time Carrie was auditioning.