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A New Kind of Spectacle

It’s now been well over a year and I still 100% swear by these glasses. Even though I perhaps don’t wear them as often as I should.

I have my eyes checked every second year (important part of my own well being and future-proofing my eyes) and they’ve remained consistently in good nick (*touch wood). Yet I would often experience a tension or stress headaches at the end of a work day where no diet change or dental check could prove to be the problem or solution.

The new accessory

At my wits end, I thought perhaps to try blue-light/screen glasses. Xiaomi had recently put out a couple of styles at a low price as well, so trying these was at a minimal cost and risk. Even if they didn’t work, I looked pretty spiffy.

Explaining to people why I was suddenly wearing spectacles was probably the biggest hurdle to overcome, especially as an introvert. I prefer not to draw attention to myself, but this was a personal improvement for the greater good – at least that’s where my mindset sat. “No I don’t need glasses”, I explained, “these are just because I stare at a screen for over 8 hours a day and they might help in the long run”. The chat died down, thankfully, quicker than I had anticipated and I got on with a new norm of wearing glasses while at work.

After only a few weeks, not only were my headaches fewer and far between, but I also found myself far more productive and creative in my work. It was like a mental shift to ‘it’s business time’ when I donned my new glasses. I can’t guarantee the latter will happen for you but it definitely should make you feel a little bit more focused without the white glare of the computer screen coming at you all day long.

And now?

Over a year has passed and I still feel the same about this accessory. The tension headaches because of screen time and glare are now a thing of the past. I’ve found that it’s also been a great indicator for minimising disruptions, as my colleagues appear to understand when the glasses are on, I’m stuck into focused work. I would recommend to anyone whose job revolves around working on a computer all day especially when the buy-in is so low.

This is definitely not a paid endorsement of these kinds of glasses but if you do want a pair of your own, I shopped at PB Tech and purchased the Xiaomi Anti-blue and UV resistant TS computer glasses for just $45. They also come with a pouch to store when you’re not staring at your screen all day!