Yummy quick cook & eat: Lángos

CookingI know it’s not the healthiest of dishes but I swear when you want a quick and easy bread option without having to wait – Lángos’ are your go-to alternative! Those who know me well, know I can’t stand cooking and would much prefer to slave over a pumpkin pie than cook a roast. So I’m always searching for quick and easy recipes to work on.

I’ve used this recipe without fail and they taste amazing every time:

Ingredients to get you started include:

300 g all-purpose flour
7 g dried (instant) yeast
250 ml water
1/2 teaspoon salt
sunflower oil (for frying)

Follow the recipe here on how to concoct this great and yummy side dish:

You can also add some yummy toppings like Garlic butter, cheese, and bacon – just let your imagination run wild.