Dungeons and Dragons character sheet

Meet Rilie Yonswift

Halfling Ranger – Leader of the Coastal Rangers – Mistress of Clams

I officially survived! Well, Rilie has and I’ve just survived my first ever full D&D campaign on Roll20.

I joined my friends group back in February 2019 and we’ve officially brought to a close the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. Coming into this campaign as mostly a beginner to Dungeons and Dragons.

I opted for the easier class and race just so I could get a handle on what to roll and when and how the spells all work together best. Perhaps, by level 3 I saw how weak the ranger class was compared with the others. However, by level 6 I could finally understand where her strengths benefited the others best and how I could maximise her power as a perhaps not so lowly ranger.

How do I feel at the end of the chapter?

Well, where do I start. I’m super glad she’s still alive and didn’t meet a fateful end as dear Ferg did, the gentle half giant druid, dying by dragon fire on just his second mission.

Rilie taking control of the new rangers division on the coast is a perfect way to extend her skills on her new preferred terrain, whilst also getting a taste of leadership she hasn’t really had before.

I only wonder how Rilie will factor in her Red Sash membership whilst being busy on the coast. That is for me to figure out over the next six months while we take a wee break from this main campaign. Will she rise in the ranks or stay practising plain jumping, doing the less important tasks for the clan? I really did enjoy jumping plains in the nick of time in the last few sessions before defeating Mr Percy Fancypants. Would not have been possible if I hadn’t looked at adding the Red Sashes to Rilie’s character growth.

But where to from here?

With taking a break from Rilie, I can explore other characters I hadn’t thought of trying before. In a future post I’ll discuss switching over to a half-orc druid, two aspects I’ve never tried before. I’m a bit nervous trying the complexity of this new class but excited to step into a role that is likely to be even more role playing than Rilie has been.

Rilie will campaign onward into season 2! Ever trying to improve her poisoners kit rolls, and always improving on her flashy bow skills with Swifty. No one forgets her perfect clam riding skills while shooting out 2 bows at speed around a corner. No one forgets.

Here’s to second season and the oneshot campaigns in between!