3D Data Visualisation

3D Visualisation Now

The images on the right were my analysis of a data visualisation as a part of the first assessment for 3d data visualisation. I chose this purely because I like tweets and I love how interactive this visualisation is. See here for the link to this visualisation: http://twitter.github.io/interactive/andes/


Hunters and Collectors

It seems crucial for this 3d Data Visualisation to be related to the sleep or dream state in order to represent the data effectively. We hope to portray the different levels of data through the size of an object and how high it is off the ‘ground’. We will investigate the effectiveness of utilising audio effects to represent how the sleep duration felt (1­7 scale noted in the data). The better the sleep the quieter the sound. We have taken into consideration how to represent the 28 days in the space recommended and had considered incorporating a controller to move through the environment. However, this being presented in the motion capture studio, this addition would not be necessary as simply moving around would dictate movement through the space. We have also reduced the number of days to 25 so that it can be represented in a perfect 5 by 5 space.
The user will walk through the data set that is shown in a somewhat dreamlike arena with particle systems and, what looks like, a neverending space. The viewer will be able to see even more data such as dreams upon approaching the data representation more closely. Originally, we wished to represent the sleep record as a balance plank, divided into 28 sections, however this proved to be more complex in the time period we have. The sound will help in giving the viewer a sense of uneasiness in the space particularly when the sound volume changes, representing the uneasiness of the sleep on those nights. Ultimately the visualisation will represent the difference between what one feels and what is the actual truth.