Clouded Clementine


Details: CYOA | 3d Printing | PHP Coding | Photography and Poster Development
Technology: Inklewriter | Cinema4D | SLS Printing | Makerbot | Dreamweaver | Illustrator
Something mysterious dwells at The Clementine, an aged jazz lounge, infused with the smooth tempos of past acts, and dusted off
by the wisping embers of lit cigarettes. You’ve recently been hired as a new act at this back end of town Jazz Lounge and by no fault of your own, it’s now up to you to discover what happened around the circumstances of Clara’s death.
Was it murder or was it an unfortunate turn of events? Only you can solve this mystery. Will you become the next victim? It’s up to you to put the matter to rest and help the lounge and its residents in the apartments above be safe for another day.
You choose what happens next….

Developmental Thinking

I have created a storyline that is based in a back of town, smoky alleyway, Jazz Lounge name The Clementine. It has set the scene with varying paths that can significantly change how the character is developed and where they conclude upon completion of the story. I hope to develop this as a mobile application, and this is the main consideration for expansion beyond creating further stories in this setting. The 3d printable file is a new endeavour that at this stage has not been publicly available by other companies and therefore is a new and valuable addition in this market. I wished to add this extra element to a simple pick your path adventure, by being able to take away a character of your own than can be printed at a 3d printer.

Theoretical Framework

Through the use of story telling devices and 3d printing, this project incorporates transmedia as a tool that focuses on the process in which an interactive media is created. Choose your own adventures (CYOA) were first published by Edward Packard in the 1970’s, as an alternative way of telling children’s stories with an interactive element. It was as though the readers had control over what happened and how their stories would end (Kraft, 1981). I have creates a short novel in the CYOA format that has a 3d printable file that is sent to the reader of the ending they have found themselves at. This has not been completed before and with this format of non-linear storytelling being developed as mobile applications and You Tube web series, it could be any day now, that this format is added as well.