Digital Fabrication

Details: 3D Printing | CAD Design
Technology: Rhino | Grasshopper

Be Careful What You Wish For

The final sketch embodies the idea that multiple sounds would be able to be manipulated through the use of different shapes on one object. I have created a sketch that incorporates a rotating middle section through the use of ball bearings and an external shell operating with two differently shaped gaps for sound to escape. I hope, if this were to be printed, that an amplified sound, a directional sound and a muffled or echoed sound could be portrayed.

Not Only Does God Play Dice

The final object relates to sound by the way the curve can grow in a sound wave type style. If only one curve is shown, this can clearly be demonstrated as such. When implementing the sound input, the multiple layers of the environment come to life. This can be seen best when no restriction is placed on the incoming data. I found a similar patch where a vase type structure was created. By taking it out of its solid structure and replacing it with pipes, it removed this connotation. This also provided a cheaper print. I had originally planned to create a similar structure restricted within a cube frame. The voronoi system however was too powerful for both my home PC as well as my MacBook. I then was forced to use a simpler system without the use of this function. I had not intended for the final bake to appear like a sound wave and this has become therefore a happy accident. The more sound created, the larger the structure will become. If opened on a faster processing system, this will easily be able to be baked and developed for printing. I have implemented a restriction on the amount of data inputted into the ā€˜zā€™ function by only collecting the first twenty inputs and Grashopper chooses one to display in Rhino every two seconds. On a more powerful computer the cord can go directly from the timer to the ā€˜zā€™ function for a more complex structure.