Transmedia in StopMotion

The aim of this project is to to spin ideas around the potential of future prosthetics and create a 1-2 minute animation showing the implications of the extension incorporating a transmedia framework. Through the use of stop motion filming, I hoped to portray an emotive film that will make somewhat of a difference to at least one person.
My group, Hello World Productions, developed an idea around removing hand held devices, morphing then into one device known as the Optical Visor Prosthetic. We created a fictitious company, JuiceInc, that controls these visors through their juice products. The JuiceInc juices have incorporated nano-technology that, as we say, keeps the visors up to date, but also unbeknownst to those drinking it, keeps the characters also blind to their surroundings and the control the government/corporation now has over them.

Process Reflection

The ‘Choose the Juice’ blog provided a counterweight to Juiceinc where I was able to creatively tell a story through the eyes of someone not fooled by JuiceInc. I chose not to name this character in the blog as it would be too revealing to the corporation,whom he was running from. It did not seem logical or beneficial to the story and therefore I still stand by my decision.
The roles each of us took on were to our strengths such as Esther’s set design, Ashley’s illustrations and logo design and my
scheduling and marketing strategy experience.
I definitely learned this year not to hold on to anything, or have an attachment to ones own work. This proved effective
particularly in set and character design as we went through a variation of concepts including physical boxes for the set and using paper for the characters. The final decision by Esther to 3D print the models was a time consuming decision I’m sure, however it was perhaps the best decision made in this project. Incorporating a green screen and superimposing her 3d models onto the 3D CAD set sketches were easy to work with and we were even able to incorporate the original failed 3D printed arms into the final clip.
We didn’t want to offer anything that couldn’t be executed in the end especially since this is produced in a public domain. I’m not sure if this preconception I have is just through experience in the workforce, or prior knowledge through my business degree but ethically I couldn’t offer this in our transmedia.
If the series were to continue passed this episode, we would develop a ‘100 years in the future’ bonus feature in a DVD release. This would show how the prosthetics became a centralised part of the nervous system and everyone has succumbed to the prosthetic. There is no-one without the prosthetics and it then becomes a fight to stay out of each others minds.