Too much of a good thing

I was shattered. My lungs were not being my friend. Simply moving and talking brought on a hacking cough. I ignorantly believed that even though I wasn’t going to the gym, I could still eat as I was eating a week earlier. Well here I am on the back end of this infection, with only the ahem bug to drive everyone mad, and a few kilos heavier that are proving more difficult than usual to shake.

cup and glasses and tissues

Why is this here?

I’m writing this blog as my diet change and calorie counting is effecting everything. It’s effecting my mental well being which effects how you perform in your daily tasks both at work and at home.Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s slowing me down more than it has before. I’m not a dieter though. I fully believe what you eat is for life. I always ask myself, can this be maintained 20… 30… 40 years into the future.

What is this new strategy, you ask?

It’s simply saying no. No to that ghost stomach rumbling when you really don’t need to eat – you’re just bored. No to that candy or cookies that are conveniently located in the kitchen cupboards or close by your desk. No to catching the bus over walking that easy half hour home. And no to adding that sugar to all the teas and coffees drunk over the day.

tea pot with flowers in background

The last is probably the hardest, especially when I have about a spoonful of sugar with my coffee every morning. So instead I’m cutting down the number of coffees I have in a day, replacing them with sugarless herbal teas.

Effect of this cut down after a week though?

I’m shattered, exhausted and probably going through major withdrawals. Ways to keep going… unknown… apart from the self motivation and visualisation that it will make a difference in a few weeks time and for those 20, 30, 40 years into the future.

What’s also getting me through is a newly discovered, but been around for a long while, podcast called Primal Potential. It’s inspiring, informative and giving me a reason to keep going. A penny analogy Elizabeth Benton speaks of reminded me exactly how I was feeling and that what I’m doing really will pay off, “there is no change too small to make a difference”.

I’m tracking all my meals for a month. Tracking is helping ensure I’m meeting all my key nutrients. Follow me here if you want a look see!

peeled banana

Happy to take any suggestions on meal ideas. I’m a terrible cook, don’t like spending time in the kitchen, so the quicker the better.

Best meal change so far: Breakfast – peanut butter and banana wraps they just keep me full for longer in the mornings.