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Introverted Marketer – who would have thought

Goal: I want to write for me at least once a week.

decorative working table with typewriter and books - introverted spaceThanks for stumbling across my blog! From the many writers that are now prolifically writing, blogging and creating content, and you came across mine – from the bottom of my heart, I give you my sincerest thanks.

I’ve had this blog pending for a wee while, wanting to write, but not sure where to begin. Hovering my cursor over the publish button to then only click ‘save as draft’. This is a medium I know I can delve and explore my thoughts into and through. I don’t, however, want to write a novel. I’ve tried it and it really isn’t my thing, trust me. I do know I am a better person mentally, spiritually etcetera when I start writing. So why not start a blog covering the things I know that I know and exploring the things I don’t.

Where to from here

The main feature of this blog is my way of exploring and detailing how I do the thing most people call an oxymoron. Yes, I’m into Marketing and Yes, I’m very much an introvert. I’ve done that 16 personality test so many times and get the same result that I know I’ve almost gone beyond the plus/minus percentage of error that I am indeed truly an INTJ. I’ll delve into this topic later as it definitely deserves its own post.

In school and university, I always did things I was good at and things that I enjoyed. They aren’t always mutually exclusive. This led me down the path of Marketing (good at) and e-Business (enjoyed) and then Creative Technologies (enjoyed) and digital storytelling (enjoyed and good at). I try to impart this advice to my nieces and nephews to have this balance as it helps with future and current happiness – and it’s great when you find a happy medium between the two.

So what I hope to gain from this blog is a way to figure out my own career in this highly extroverted world of marketing whilst still holding onto my sanity. I won’t refer to exact people, times and places, as it’s important to keep personal and work content at a happy distance from each other (and I truly respect my privacy and that of my peers).

I will also throw in content around other aspects of my life such as gaming and crafting as these have an influence on who I am and the way I work towards becoming a better marketer.


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